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Floral Pretties - Past & Present

Diamond Rose with PP Pattern

This set is available as DIGI/B&W  OR as a Pre-Coloured Set.

Diamond Rose + PP Pattern DIGI Set
-this set includes many files and configurations - single rose image, rose in diamond frame, pp pattern - several configurations, and ready-to-print sheets.  JPGs and Rose in PNG

Diamond Rose + PP Pattern DIGI SET ( uncoloured )
Price: $ 3.50 CAD

Diamond Rose + PP Pattern Pre-Coloured Set
-Includes 8 coloured roses  JPG ( roses with full coloured background and with a diamond shape ) , paper pricking pattern + ready-to-print sheets.

**There are PNGs of Roses with no background or with diamond shape with no white background.  These are available as extra downloads.

Diamond Rose + PP Pattern Pre-Coloured SET
Price: $4.50 CAD